At Least 20 Things that you will learn:

  1. Definition of combustion
  2. Fire Triangle explained
  3. How explosions occur
  4. Detonation versus deflagration
  5. UEL/LEL and the range of flammability
  6. Fuel air ratio & excess air
  7. Heating value
  8. Fuels & combustion system units & terms
  9. Ignition temperature
  10. Specific gravity
  11. Flame speed
  12. Products of combustion
  13. Carbon monoxide production and hazards
  14. Stoichiometric combustion
  15. Burner system basic designs
  16. Draft Systems - forced, induced, balanced & natural
  17. Where and how to look at a flame and what to look for.
  18. Color, shape, location, symmetry, and stability explained.
  19. Refractory types
  20. Real life hazards - starting up, smoking - flooded fire box, refractory damage.

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Example Flame Condition Video Clips

Four (4) example video clips are provided that show examples of flame conditions that will make your experience very real and tangible. Examples of rich and lean burner conditions are shown along with "good" conditions.