Simple and effective explanations from someone who has been at this for over 40 years, member of many NFPA committees including the 2 discussed in this module - NFPA 54 & 56, and has trained thousands all over the world. Money back guarantee, you will be pleased and see value!

20 Things You Will Learn

1.    Detailed review of NFPA 54 issues that regard purging of natural gas piping.

2.    Chapter 1, scope and administration, discussion, what is covered under this document and what is not.

3.    Chapter 5, materials, design, components

4.    Issues surrounding allowed fittings and types

5.    Issues surrounding threaded connections you should be aware of.

6.    Chapter 8, inspections, testing and purging

7.    Issues surrounding venting and discharge of gases, deminimus quantities and sizes of systems

8.    What mediums can be used for pressure testing and what cannot, careful to document findings.

9.    Control of purging systems and discharging of purged gases.

10. Pressure testing and leak checking requirements including what pressures to hold and for how long.

11. Having written purging procedures

12. Combustible gas indicators versus combustible gas detectors, whats the difference?

13. Detailed review of NFPA 56 issues that regard purging of natural gas piping.

14. Having a written purging plan, what’s to be in it, and where to find examples.

15. What does having a safety validation mean? Who can do it?

16. Over 40 things that you should consider to make reduce risks when there’s a release of gas or a purge process taking place.

17. Considerations for pipe cleaning, when to do it, how its done, references for safe practices.

18. Three (3) important best practices to have in your purge plan that can make a huge difference in how long it takes and for impacting risk reduction.

19. Training requirements for everyone participating in a purge.

20. Purging into service and out of service techniques and requirements including exclusion zones considerations.

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I have managed many purging operations and created purge plans!

There's a whole lot that went into writing these standards. I have personally submitted many Public Inputs and many of the requirements have been created with my help. I understand the intent in these documents and how to apply the concepts in real life.