Simple and effective explanations from someone who has been at this for over 40 years, member of many NFPA committees, and has trained thousands all over the world. Money back guarantee, you will be pleased and see value!

20 Things You Will Learn

1.    The 3 main codes and standards that address natural gas and steam piping issues.

2.    What is OSHA PSM and RAGAGEP? Lots of acronyms defined.

3.    The main code that addresses flanges, gaskets and fasteners for piping systems.

4.    Decoding markings on pipe that explain the schedule and strength.

5.    Explanation of the ERW, electric resistance welding pipe manufacturing process

6.    Explanation of the seamless pipe manufacturing process

7.    All the different ways pipe can be ordered

8.    Pipe joining methods and rules described, threading, welding, flanges

9.    Manufacturing methods for fittings and flanges and what the differences mean

10. Description of a dozen (12) different kinds of flange types

11. Special characteristics of raised faced flanges and how and why they seal

12. Flange and fitting “Class” ratings and what they mean

13. Welding procedures and requirements

14. Branch connections, weld ‘olets and thread ‘olets, versus fish mouth connections

15. Three kinds of welded flanges and what their significance is, weld neck, slip on, socket weld.

16. The language and acronyms on flanges and how to decode what they mean.

17. The language and acronyms on pipe fittings and how to decode what they mean,

18. Explanation of different kinds of pipe hangers and supports and why they exist.

19. Hanger spacing and where to find what requirements for spacing.

20. High pressure instrument tubing accidents and precautions.

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Learn from someone who has designed and supervised many piping installations as a licensed PE and holds a mechanical contractors license.