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20 Things You Will Learn

1.    Steam basics including latent heat and sensible heat.

2.    Steam tables and what they say and how to use them.

3.    Definition of a boiler versus a hot water heater

4.    Six (6) different ways to describe and understand boilers

5.    Detailed description of fired and unfired boilers

6.    Description of hot water versus steam boilers

7.    Description of water tube versus fire tube boilers

8.    Steam generators versus boilers

9.    Cast iron sectionals versus low water volume copper fin boilers

10. Hot water versus steam boilers

11. What makes a boiler high pressure and what differences there are between a high pressure and a low pressure boiler.

12. Where to look on a boiler to identify important characteristics and what the stamps and acronyms mean

13. Steam generators and water level or drums

14. Different ways to describe water tube boilers, A type, O type, D type and what that means.

15. Fire tube boiler passes, the Morrison tube and how to visualize what’s going on inside.

16. Water tube boiler down comers and risers

17. Steam drums and steam separation technologies.

18. Important NFPA boiler codes and how they relate to ASME boiler codes.

19. Water level controls, water columns, and how they work

20. Pressure control for boilers and safety relief valves

Example Curriculum - 63 minutes of content, w/o quizzes

  Introduction to the Course
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  1. Learning a Little About Steam
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  2. Ways to Describe Boilers - (6 types reviewed)
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  3. Key Factors in Boiler Design & Selection
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  4. Boiler Water Level & Pressure Controls
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Available in days
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This is from a part of the presentation that explains what goes on within an industrial water tube boilers steam drum that removes water droplets and improves steam quality.