Simple and effective explanations from someone who has been at this for over 40 years, designed, troubleshot and supervised the installation of many steam systems, and has trained thousands all over the world. Money back guarantee, you will be pleased and see value!

20 Things You Will Learn

1.    Steam basics including latent heat and sensible heat.

2.    Steam tables and what they say and how to use them.

3.    Steam cycle loops and single pressure level described.

4.    Multiple steam pressure loops and how they work, (condensate at difference pressure levels).

5.    Steam headers and multiple take offs

6.    Description of flash tanks and how they work

7.    Pressure control valves and pressure reducing stations, single versus parallel

8.    Steam balance diagrams and how to set one up, users, consumers, generators

9.    Steam turbines and let down stations and the role of attemperators and desuperheaters

10. Objectives for managing a complex steam system with a steam balance diagram

11. Water hammer causes and effects, and minimizing it

12. Steam system start-up precautions, (supervised versus automatic)

13. Condensate drainage strategies and how to conceptualize where traps are needed

14. Drip leg sizing and spacing requirements

15. How and where to do steam system branch take-offs, eccentric versus concentric fittings and their role.

16. Description of steam traps and their role in condensate drainage.

17. Description of 3 of the most popular styles of steam traps: (float and thermostatic, bucket and thermodynamic disk type).

18. Problems that happen from failed traps

19. Trap survey techniques including infrared and ultrasonic

20. Condensate pumping stations, electric versus pneumatic, issues with each.

Example Curriculum - 52 minutes of content, w/o quizzes

  Course Introduction
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  1. Steam Basics - Thermodynamic Properties
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  2. Steam Cycle - Applying Steam to Make it Useful
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  3. High Level Analysis of Steam Distribution Systems
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  4. Condensate Systems
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Understanding and abating water hammer could avoid a catastrophe for you!

Water hammer is discussed in details along with when it is most likely to happen. Several causes are given along with precautions to take when operating steam systems.