LNG has been around more than 80 years and it's growing rapidly in popularity. Understand why, how it's made, how it's used, and safety hazards related to it. Simple and effective explanations from someone who has been at this for over 40 years, member of many NFPA committees, and has trained thousands all over the world. Money back guarantee, you will be pleased and see value!

20 Things You Will Learn

1.    The role that LNG plays in the natural gas world, and why it exists, how its used.

2.    NFPA standard that applies to LNG systems

3.    Definition of LNG, its temperature, and how its made.

4.    LNG facilities injection to interstate pipelines and factors that go into making it useful

5.    LNG liquefaction plants, how they work, what they do

6.    LNG vaporization and storage plants, how they work, what they do

7.    Discussion of LNG vaporizers, different technologies in use.

8.    LNG transportation methods

9.    Conditioning that needs to occur for safe use of LNG once vaporized, including hazards of use if not conditioned.

10. Atmospheric versus fired vaporizers and issues related to both

11. LNG trim and water bath heaters, technologies used and why they are important

12. LNG accident history, Cleveland, Ohio incident, worst incident in history discussed.

13. Four (4) gas hazards related to LNG

14. How to quickly identify LNG leaks and safety issues related to them

15. Detecting a release of LNG when odorization or lack of it may be an issue

16. LNG flammability characteristics

17. Where LNG leaks might travel and where LNG might end up.

18. Cryogenic hazards and PPE for minimizing risks

19. Detectors to use to identify LNG leaks and provide for personnel safety.

20. Material considerations for use with cryogenic systems

Example Curriculum - 23 Minutes of content, w/o quizzes

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  1. What is LNG? How is it Made & Stored?
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  2. How is LNG Used?
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  3. LNG Hazards
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Discussion of equipment from projects the author has actually been at and participated in.

This module provides unique perspectives on systems and equipment and photos from an industrial installation job site. The information provided explains issues surrounding safe use of the product and recognizing hazards.